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KenyanNurse Masterclass for IELTS Trainers (ToT)

The KenyanNurse’s Masterclass for IELTS Trainers is a two-month workshop designed to help you prepare students to take the IELTS exam. This is an ideal course for anyone who wants to start an IELTS Training Program in delivering IELTS preparation classes, or IELTS trainers working with various IELTS Training Institutions. Since prior knowledge of the IELTS exam is not mandatory, the course is suitable for those who have a background in soft skills or who wish to make a career shift and become IELTS Trainers. In this program,you will be prepared to become an IELTS Trainer for specific IELTS section i.e Listening, Reading, Writing Task 1, Writing Task 2 or Speaking At the end of the course you will be able to:- 🔸Become an IELTS preparation specialist. 🔸Learn how to expertly prepare candidates for IELTS. 🔸Learn how to evaluate and use IELTS resources. 🔸Effectively analyse IELTS tips and techniques. 🔸Plan lessons to teach either IELTS speaking, writing, reading and listening. 🔸Understand the use of public band descriptors as a teaching tool. 🔸Give feedback on the IELTS writing and speaking performance using public band descriptors. 🔸Micro-teach the prepared lesson and getting feedback on the same. 🔸Receive a KenyanNurse IELTS Trainer certificate. Why take this course? As an IELTS trainer, you will have so much prospects which include:-

🔸 Starting your own IELTS training institution. 🔸 Being freelancer IELTS trainer and earn some money. 🔸 Applying for IELTS Training jobs with the existing IELTS Training Programs. Most IELTS Trainers are paid by such institutions. N/B We are also training IELTS Trainers for other IELTS Training institutions. If you are interested for corporate package please reach out.

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