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OET test on the Computer at the Exam centre.

OET test on the Computer (at test venues) has the same exam format. Candidates will sit for their exam at the exam centre but Listening, Reading and Writing Sections are done by use of computer then Speaking can be face to face with the examiner at the exam centre. However, there's also an option of doing speaking from home (or any other chosen location), using Zoom on a computer or tablet. Mobile phones may not be used. Both OET on Paper and on OET on computer you need to access OET Exam centres. OET has more than 100 exam centres globally with 4 of them being in Africa i.e 1. South Africa 2. Nigeria 3. Egypt 4. Zimbabwe OET’s computer-based testing at venues is accepted by major registration bodies in countries including the UK and Australia. For example NMC and GMC do recognise OET on Computer. OET on Computer is already ongoing, candidates who can access OET exam centres are now able to either OET on Paper or OET on Computer. This was as from June 2021.

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