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Top six countries to practice as an Overseas Nurse.

United States

United States is facing a steady shortage of nurses, and with its cultural diversification and a wide variety of destinations within its borders, from snowy Alaska to sunny California, it still remains to be a dream destination for most Nurses in Kenya. Nursing in the US is regulated at a state level, meaning that international nurses will need to be licensed by the relevant state's Board of Nursing, which may be more limiting than other countries where you are able to seek national registration. However, the Nurse Licensure Compact means that there are now a number of states that offer and recognize a 'multi-state license' if you are looking for a more flexible option. Once you get going, the average monthly salary for a registered nurse in the US is estimated to be $5,204 (US) translating to Ksh. 533,670.


Canada has a government-funded, national healthcare system, which provides Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents with prepaid medical care and hospital care. Such a system requires more nurses. Its size also means that, like the US, you have a range of choice regarding where you want to place your roots, be it the outdoorsy yet urban Vancouver, or the culturally rich Montreal. Another similarity to the US is that the healthcare system is regulated at a provincial level. Whichever province you choose, the average salary across the country is around $5,000 (US) translating to Ksh. 512,700 monthly.


Australia remains an extremely popular destination for those looking to move abroad, with its pristine beaches, soaring temperatures and grandiose cityscapes. Health Care in Australia (HCA), the country’s healthcare system, is always in need of nurses. If you're a nurse in Kenya looking to venture to the land down-under, another appeal is that nursing remains a well-paid profession, with an average salary of approximately $3,750 (US) translating to Ksh. 384,520 per month.

Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is becoming a destination for Kenyan Nurses. With its improved economy, an ageing population and Brexit discussion, most EU citizens who were previously either working or leaving in The UK are now moving to Ireland, making it a country of choice in Europe for English speakers. The influx of population might also overwhelm its healthcare system, Health Service Executive (HSE), and thus increasing the demand of Nurses. It’s a small country as compared to others but full of plenty in terms of nursing employment. The current average salary for a nurse in Ireland is approximately $2,880 (US) translating to Ksh. 295,200 per month.

United Kingdom

With its socialized healthcare system, National Health Service (NHS) and the Brexit topic hanging around, the demand of nurses from this side of the world has increased. This is signified by the planned changes in the process of registration of International Nurses. The national average salary for a nurse is about $2,500 (US) translating to Ksh. 256,370 per month.

New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean, is comprised of two islands and neighbours Australia. With its free or low-cost Public Healthcare System, there is a need for more nurses. Some Kenyan Nurses might also prefer working here. The monthly salary for a nurse in New Zealand is approximately $2290 (US) translating to Ksh. 234,640.

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